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Diego Toussaint is a producer, editor, and writer-director based in Guadalajara, Mx. In 2016 he moved to Los Angeles and attended the New York Film Academy where he got his BFA in filmmaking and graduated with a 3.98 GPA. During his time in school, he made multiple projects expanding from music videos to short films. His thesis "Mora & Chenchi", an LGTBQ+ romance was shot in Guadalajara and has been participating in multiple film festivals. 

Diego strives for telling stories that revolve around social-political problems, love, and identity. In comparison, his music videos and commercials are concept-driven as he is always on the hunt for a new fresh, and exciting way to catch the audience's attention.

Mora & Chenchi - 2020 - short

Official Selections

  • 38th Reeling Chicago LGTB+ International Film Festival

  • 35th Conneticut LGTBQ Film Festival

  • 28th San Diego Latino Film Festival

  • 27th Long Beach QFilm Festival

  • 23rd Arpa International Film Festival

  • 10th Philadelphia Latino Film Festival - Youth Salon Winner

  • 13th Seattle Latino Film Festival

  •  Outshine at Home 

Haengsyo - 2020 - short

  • Seattle Asian American Film Festival

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