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Mora & Chenchi


Short | Romance | Drama  | México

Director: Diego Toussaint

An L.A.-based tween magazine writer returns to her hometown where she re-encounters her high school best friend for the first time in 11 years. In the course of the day, they become their high school selves as old feelings come back.

Official Selection

  • 38th Reeling Chicago LGTB+ International Film Festival

  • 35th Conneticut LGTBQ Film Festival

  • 34th Out On Film, Atlanta LGBT Film Festival

  • 28th San Diego Latino Film Festival

  • 27th Long Beach QFilm Festival

  • 23rd Arpa International Film Festival

  • 10th Philadelphia Latino Film Festival - Youth Salon Winner

  • 13th Seattle Latino Film Festival

  •  Outshine at Home 

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"The simplicity and rawness of Mora & Chenchi is refreshing, and perhaps the most notable aspect of the film. Viewers who are used to action, striking cinematography, or profound dialogue may find it dull, but it is an authentic depiction of the dynamic between two people reconnecting and relearning one another. It truly evokes nostalgia and the feeling of reuniting with someone you have not seen in a long time, and it does so without any cheap gimmicks or complicated twists and turns."

                                  - Equality Armenia

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